The River Institute

The River Institute coordinates research projects that are dedicated to issues such as water quality, water chemistry, freshwater toxicology, biodiversity, and food web dynamics. They perform a lot of their research on the St. Lawrence River and other freshwater ecosystems. The Institute offers hands-on workshops, internships, and work placements for students. In 2013, the Institute launched a new Applied Research and Technical Services Branch.

The River Institute was established in 1994 as a unique community partnership involving government, education, business and industry, and the Mohawks of Akwesasne. Its mandate is environmental research and education with a focus on the Great Lakes / St. Lawrence River ecosystem. It has earned an international reputation for its fresh water ecosystem research projects.


  • Address: 2 St. Lawrence Drive, Cornwall, ON
  • Phone: (613) 936-6620
  • Website: The River Institute