Work Permits

You usually need a work permit to work in Canada. In some cases, you can work without a permit.

There are specific requirements you need to meet depending on where you are when you apply for your work permit. Anyone can apply before they enter Canada. However, there may be visa office requirements that you need to meet depending on what country or territory you’re applying from.

There are 2 types of work permits.

An employer-specific work permit lets you work in Canada for a specified period of time for a particular company.  Before you submit your application for an employer-specific work permit, the employer who wants to hire you must complete certain steps and give you either a copy of a Labour Market Impact Assessment or an offer of employment number to include in your application.

An open work permit lets you work for almost any employer in Canada. You can only get an open work permit in specific situations.  Not sure which one you should get? Find out what type of work permit you need for your situation.

Use this to find out which type of work permit you need: Type of Work Permit

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