Employment Standards

Fairness in the workplace is the right of all Ontarians.

Employment standards are enforced under the Employment Standards Act (ESA), which sets out the minimum standards that employers and employees must follow.

The Ontario Ministry of Labour, through its Employment Standards Program:

  • enforces the ESA and its regulations
  • provides information and education to employers and employees, making it easier for people to understand and comply voluntarily
  • investigates possible violations
  • resolves complaints

The ESA covers a wide range of employment standards including: minimum requirements for employment; provisions to assist employees with family responsibilities; increased flexibility in work arrangements; and mechanisms for compliance and enforcement. However, the ESA contains only some of the rules affecting work in Ontario. Other provincial and federal legislation governs issues such as workplace health and safety, human rights and labour relations. For example, Federal laws affecting workplaces include statutes on income tax, employment insurance and the Canada Pension Plan.

If you are employed in Ontario, you are probably protected by the ESA. To find out more, check out the following link: