Regional Job Market

When you live in Cornwall, working in the City isn’t your only option. Cornwall is surrounded by the United Counties of SDG and conveniently located between Ottawa and Montreal. For those who live in Cornwall but are willing to work elsewhere, the employment opportunities are endless.

United Counties of SDG

The United Counties of SDG surround the City of Cornwall. It is a region with a population of 65,000. Although primarily rural and agricultural, the Counties are home to some manufacturing, food processing and distribution centres.

Job postings for the United Counties of S,D & G are often included on the ChooseCornwall website:

Ottawa’s Labour Market

The commute from Cornwall to Ottawa is about an hour long and Cornwall residents have several transportation options for daily commutes.

Ottawa’s robust economy centres on two major sectors – high technology and the federal government. As the nation’s capital, Ottawa is home to many government agencies and contains more than 25,000 employers.

Ottawa’s unemployment rate remains one of the lowest among Canada’s six largest metropolitan areas.

Montreal’s Labour Market

The commute from Cornwall to Montreal is also about an hour long.

Montreal’s labour market is highly integrated and diverse, with approximately 65% of jobs on the Island of Montreal.  The largest sector in Montreal, which constitutes about 85% of the jobs, is the service sector.