Cornwall is a bilingual city, with half of its residents able to converse in both of Canada’s official languages, English and French. Having said that, English is the most commonly spoken language in most workplaces.

Most government offices in Cornwall provide service in both English and French.

Language skills are very important to help you settle in your community. Strong language skills are important for many reasons, including getting a job, going to school, helping your children with school work and meeting and interacting with people.

If you do not already speak one of Canada’s official languages at an advanced level, you should take steps to improve your French or English as soon as you arrive in Canada.

If you already speak one of Canada’s official languages, you should think about learning the other one. Being able to speak both English and French is an advantage for finding a job.

Language skills for work

Many companies require their employees to have a certain degree of language fluency. Some professions also require knowledge of work-related terms. Depending on the job and the sector, these requirements can extend from oral to written communication. Many government positions in Cornwall require you to be fluent in English or French.

You may want to consider taking language classes to improve your skills or take a language proficiency test to prove your ability.

Language classes

Permanent residents can take language classes to learn English or French once in Canada. Newcomers in Cornwall have access to language classes that are government funded. These programs offer a variety of language, conversation, computer, citizenship and pronunciation classes.

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Another resource for newcomers is, a website that provides visitors information about living in Ontario in any language they want.