Cornwall’s Labour Market

Information about the labour market is important when searching for work. It tells you which companies are hiring or laying off workers, the types of jobs available in your community, expansions and other employment trends. It may also be useful in deciding if you need additional education or training.

Employment Opportunities

There are a wide variety of employment opportunities in Cornwall at any given time.  For a collection of links to some of the most recent job postings in Cornwall, visit the ChooseCornwall website:

Business News

Another way of finding jobs is to learn about which companies in Cornwall are investing, expanding, relocating and hiring. The website posts regular business news updates.  Be sure to check often!

Overview of Cornwall’s Labour Market

Traditionally a strong manufacturing centre, the past 20 years have seen a significant diversification of Cornwall’s economy. Today, the City boasts vibrant retail, office, logistics, and customer service sectors in addition to several strong manufacturing operations.

Cornwall Business Park is home to two of Canada’s most significant logistics and distribution operations. Walmart Logistics operates a massive and technologically advanced distribution centre for Walmart, and the Shoppers Drug Mart Distribution Centre services the Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix stores in Eastern Ontario and Quebec.

In addition to logistics and supply chain management, customer support call centres have also become a dominant sector here in Cornwall. Attracted to Cornwall’s bilingual workforce and telecommunications infrastructure, companies like Atelka and Scotiabank have expanded their operations to Cornwall, creating hundreds of jobs in the customer service sector.

Cornwall’s manufacturing sector remains an important economic contributor, with leading manufacturing companies like NuMED Canada, Oxy-Arc International and SigmaPoint Technologies investing in Cornwall.

There is also an ongoing demand for retail, health care, engineering, government and office professions in Cornwall. Cornwall’s economy is diversified and offers opportunities for everyone. While it is difficult to predict Cornwall’s economy and future labour market, the outlook is a positive one.

Labour Market Resources

There are a number of agencies that monitor the labour market in Cornwall and area. These include:

  • Eastern Ontario Training Board
  • Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
  • Canada’s Job Bank
  • Statistics Canada