Cornwall is home to many pet owners, with many households having one or more pets as part of their family. The most common household pets are dogs and cats, but hamsters, gerbils, fish, rabbits, birds and certain reptiles are also popular. With over 40 parks, endless natural trails, a dog park and the beautiful St. Lawrence River, Cornwall is a dog owner’s paradise.

Bringing Your Pet to Canada

You can bring your pet with you to Canada if it meets import requirements. You may need to apply for an import permit before your pet comes to Canada. Canada Border Services Agency and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency may want to inspect your pet, and you may have to pay an inspection fee. For more information on importing or travelling with pets, please visit the following website:

Pet Ownership in Cornwall

The City of Cornwall requires that all dogs be licensed and wearing a Pet Identification Tag. The tags will make it easier to identify them if they are lost or picked up by an animal control officer. The tag expires on January 31st of each year, and it is the owner’s responsibility to renew the tag. This can be done at various locations throughout the city. For more information about dog licensing, please visit the following website:

Dogs and cats must be vaccinated for rabies once a year or at longer intervals depending on the vaccine. Animals are usually vaccinated against other diseases at the same time.

Cats are allowed to roam outdoors and do not have to be on a leash, but should not be allowed to trespass onto other properties. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times except on their owner’s property or at a designated area (such as a dog park).

Dog owners are expected to pick up and dispose of their pet’s waste.