Cost of Housing

The cost of renting an apartment or house depends on:

  • The size of the apartment or house, including the number of bedrooms
  • The community and neighbourhood where it is located
  • The age and condition of the apartment or house.
Buying a home in Cornwall

Cornwall housing prices are amongst the lowest and most affordable in Ontario.

Average housing prices by type for the City of Cornwall (2022)

  • Bungalow: $452,786
  • Split level: $501,155
  • Two storey: $381,804
  • One and a half storey: $278,296
  • Semi-detached: $421,577
  • Condominium: $304,553
  • Townhouse: $324,222
Renting a home in Cornwall

The following numbers were taken from a quick scan of 30 available properties marketed on a variety of platforms in August 2022. Please note that the small sample size and one-time observation may mean that the following numbers may be influenced by the particular type of properties surveyed, and may not be a completely accurate portrayal of the market.

Average Apartment Rentals – August 2022

Type Low Average High
One Bedroom $875 $1314 $1695
Two Bedroom $1000 $1758 $2100
Three+ Bedroom $1600 $2087 $2700

Accurate information on apartment rental rates is not always regularly available. The above numbers have been provided for information purposes only. While every effort has been made to present accurate information the very nature of housing prices and apartment rental rates means that prices can fluctuate greatly depending on market conditions and other factors.

Social Housing

Social housing, also called subsidized housing, is where the amount of rent you pay each month is determined by your income and not by the size or type of the apartment. The rent is generally 30% of the household income. This is for people with low to moderate incomes, seniors, or people with special needs.

To find out if you are eligible for social housing, please visit the website below: