Housing Expenses

Owning or renting a home involves paying for utilities. Utilities include water, heat and electricity. If you’re renting a unit/apartment, your lease agreement may include utilities in the rent. If it does not, you will have to pay extra for what is not included. If you purchase a house in Cornwall, you are responsible for paying your own utilities. The utilities each household pays for monthly can vary, depending on personal requirements and the community.


Most of Cornwall’s electricity is provided by Cornwall Electric. Cornwall Electric is located at 1001 Sydney Street and can be reached at (613) 932-0123. For more information, visit them online by clicking the link below:

Natural Gas

Natural gas is supplied through the Trans-Canada Pipeline from Western Canada and distributed in Cornwall by Union Gas Ontario. Union Gas is located at 1875 Brookdale Ave, Cornwall ON and can be reached at (613) 933-3534. For more information, click the link below:


The City of Cornwall makes sure that we are provided with safe and clean drinking water. Hundreds of drinking water samples are collected each year and indicate that Cornwall has high quality drinking water. For more information regarding Cornwall’s drinking water, click on the following website:

Television, Phone and Internet Services

Cornwall is a fully serviced telecommunications community.  Canada’s fibre optic backbone for telecommunications runs through Cornwall and provides its citizens with a full range of services such as hi-speed internet, telephone and television services.

Cornwall’s internet, phone and television service providers include:

Garbage and Recycling

The City of Cornwall operates a weekly curbside garbage collection program and weekly recycling program along with various special collection events throughout the year. For the Waste and Recycling Calendar, click on the website below: