Talent Beyond Boundaries

Talent Beyond Boundaries is a nonprofit organization, that connects refugees with international employment opportunities. By working with governments, the private sector, impacted communities, and refugee-serving organizations, they are opening up safe, regular pathways to ensure displaced people have equitable access to skilled migration.

Talent Beyond Boundaries’ vision is a world where displaced people can safely migrate for work, using their skills to rebuild their lives with dignity and purpose.

The result is win-win: for refugees and their families, for employers and local economies, and for under-resourced host countries.

Who can register?

You are eligible to register on the Talent Catalog if:

  • You are a refugee, a stateless person, or in a situation where you are displaced from your home country and unable to return because you would face danger there; and
  • You are in a country where you do not hold legal status that allows you to work.

(You do not need to have legal identification documents in order to register).